With all of the things going on in the world right now, most of us are feeling lonely from time to time. Although, we meet with people almost every day, it doesn’t prevent us from feeling alone sometimes.

We can experience solitude during any part of our lives. As I mentioned earlier, this can happen even when we are not alone at all. Actually, I think that a person can feel more lonely in a large group of people than when being home alone. But is solitude really that bad?

You may think that “How can feeling alone be a good thing?”. Well, we all react to many things differently. However, in my opinion, solitude is not as bad as it looks. Again, it depends on how we put up with this situation and how we take advantage of it. Let’s focus on our personal growth instead of letting negative emotions take over you. I’m not saying that you have to smile every single day. Sometimes, a day that is not as good as the ones before comes and we would rather stay in bed for the whole day than actually doing something.

Now, I would like to share some activities that you can take up, when feeling lonely:

Read something

Reading will never be a bad choice. It enriches your vocabulary, it helps you find new inspirations, you are naturally led into different thoughts… And when you read different types of books, you will find a genre you feel comfortable with and find really interesting. You don’t have to start reading a 400 pages book. If you are not an active reader, you can simply start with books that have less pages or just read a magazine you’ve always wanted to read.

Try something new

When you are busy doing something, you won’t have time to think about how lonely you feel. You wanted to paint a canvas? Let’s do it! Or you wanted to try cooking a recipe you’d watched countless times? Hurry up and buy the needed ingredients so we can start! Of course, you can’t expect a masterpiece as a finished product. But the chance is still there. You will never know unless you try. You will never know if you were unconsciously neglecting your hidden talent. Trying new things will help evolve yourself, that’s why I think that in times like this, feeling lonely or lost, change will definitely help.

Go for a walk

The best way to reset your mind and get new thoughts is just going for a walk. Your body deserves fresh air and your mind a little change of surroundings. Let yourself get distracted by things around you and you will see the effect it will leave when coming back home. It sounds unbelievable but trust me, sometimes you need to “blow the cobwebs away”.

Self Reflection

To Self Reflection, all I can advise you is, try to observe how you feel, what thoughts are running through your mind when feeling lonely. Compare these emotions with the ones you felt during other days and find control. Don’t let solitude drag you into darkness. Be aware of your feelings: “I’m not feeling the best today, but I’m sure that better days are coming.”

“Hello, solitude. How are you today? Come, sit with me, and I will take care of you.” Thich Nhat Hanh


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