What is fear?

Fear is a feeling, a negative emotion caused by sensing possible danger. It can be beneficial, however, sometimes it prevents us from getting further in our life. Sometimes we should ask ourselves if the thing we are afraid of is really that dangerous.

How to get rid of fear

Fear is a good trait to have in some points of our life because it makes us beware of certain situations. The fact that this emotion creates a feeling of uneasiness, thanks to which huge red exclamation marks start popping up in our mind, can save our life one day. I’m not exaggerating. 

Since we were little our parents have been telling us to avoid dark empty alleys, that we must not open doors for strangers when we are home alone or that we should be careful about what we post on social media and with whom we communicate there. And they are right. All these situations could with high probability harm us. That is why I think that being cautious after it gets dark and looking behind yourself just to be sure that there is nothing suspicious is totally fine and definitely not exaggerated. 

Hesitating when being asked to send a picture to our internet friends is also okay. I allow myself to advise you to decline this request right away, especially when you are asked for more private pictures. Once you post or send something, no one will guarantee you that it will end up solely in the hands of the intended recipient. So when someone tries to bribe you with sweet talk and promises about how no one else will see it, think wisely about what your next step will be. It might turn out as a big regret and you don’t want that to happen, do you?

Today though, I would like to focus more on a fear of things and situations that are, in my opinion, quite far from endangering our life. I mean the fear of trying something new, something unknown. 

From my own experience, if you feel even a tiny little want to try something that was offered to you, don’t hesitate. 

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Ignore the fear of unknown

Almost a year ago I got an opportunity to go to a job interview for a position in a company. Not once in my life would I think that I would participate in something like that. My first reaction, obviously, was saying no since I didn’t know anything about the company and had no idea what the requirements for the position were. Despite the doubts about this job position, I decided, why not try? So what if I don’t make it? At least I could experience what it is like to undergo a job interview. 

In situations like this you have to focus on how it could benefit you. Forget about all the worries you feel. They will only be slowing you from growing as a person. As we already know, with good things, bad things come as well and you can’t avoid that. 

I got the job and this decision changed my life for the better. I’ve met new awesome people, gained experience, learned about how different things work, etc.


Fear is a natural reaction to something unknown, but don’t be afraid of ignoring it from time to time. It is easier for some people and harder for others and that is okay.

By all means don’t stay within your safe bubble only because you feel more comfortable. If you do, don’t expect success and changes to happen. They come from overstepping your safety zone and boundaries. So if you feel like something would be beneficial and rewarding for you and your growth, but you are afraid of the outcome, just suck it up and go for it.

I know it’s easy to say but trust me, you won’t regret it. It might not be a 100% success, but it will definitely shift you somewhere. You will get something from it and move forward with your life.


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