Nothing will change, if nothing changes

I’m sure that all of us have  found ourselves at the point when we really wanted to change something in our life but we just didn’t know where to start and what we should do for the change to happen. The result is, obviously, disappointment, sadness or even anger towards ourselves. There are some people who have the audacity to blame everything and everyone but themselves for the failure. In this article I will talk about things you have to realize and think of to avoid these unwanted feelings.

Although the name of this article says enough, let’s discuss closely what is behind it. To alter something in your life you have to come to the first necessary change that will eventually start the process (I know it sounds weird but read the sentence once again and you will understand). This change won’t come on its own though.

The first step is to realize what you want to alter and if you are willing to do everything that will be necessary in the process. If you are hesitating and you know that you are not ready to give up some things that will hold you back or even will prevent the change from happening, then there is no point in you trying, since you will only find yourself experiencing the unwanted feelings we mentioned earlier. And trust me when I say that they are very harmful for a person’s mental health. 

It is also very important to realize that dreaming of something happening is not enough and reading motivational quotes won’t do the work for you. You can’t live the same way and at the same time expect big turnovers to happen only because you wish for it. It is all in your hands if the change happens or not. If it happens or not, it’s all your credit.

That’s why the best you can do is to start working on the thing you want to achieve right now and definitely not postpone it for another day as some people tend to do. The probability that your motivation will disappear the next day is very high and you will find yourself waiting for another day which means prolonging the starting point. Therefore that is not what you want. So start doing something now to get to the results you desire. 
If you belong to the group of people who found the determination to sacrifice and do everything that will be needed during this path of change to whatever it is that you desire, you are on the right way to get it. We wish you good luck!


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