How to avoid stress caused by responsibilities

I guess all of us have found ourselves in a situation when there was suddenly so much to do, we couldn’t decide what to start with first and we weren’t far from breaking down. If you’ve never experienced something like that, I envy you. For those who are unfortunately going through this on a daily basis, I prepared this article with a few tips of how to avoid or at least how to lower the stress that is caused by responsibilities. Maybe you will find an inspiration after reading this or you will come up with completely different ideas that will be more suitable for you. Take this article as a point from which you can start.

Tip n.1: Write down everything you have to do

Trust me, even I thought it would last for a week and I would find it ineffective and forget about it. But with the determination to establish a system in my life, writing down my school and work responsibilities has helped me a lot. Every morning after waking up I check my calendar or notepad and see what I need to finish and thanks to that I can efficiently plan my day. Of course you don’t have to try to finish everything you’ve written down in one day. Do things one by one. And now we can move to the second tip.

Tip n.2: Plan efficiently

Personally, I think that leaving your homework and responsibilities for the last day possible is quite stupid. Try planning and dividing it into more days. Imagine the situation, when every other teacher assigns you a project or announces a date of the next exam…Simply, there is a lot to do. Don’t stress during the week about everything you haven’t finished and what is still waiting for you. Start doing things tentatively. You woke up early? Write down notes you missed when you were sick last week. Was your class dismissed earlier? Don’t waste your time on the phone and just do something that you wanted to do in the afternoon. This way you will have much more free time and you will not have to stress about if you’ve finished everything you were supposed to finish.

Tip n.3: Set priorities

To avoid stressing about our responsibilities it is important to know what we want to dedicate our time to. When you want to spend your afternoon out with friends make sure you won’t come home being bombarded by the amount of work you were supposed to have ready for tomorrow. I know that there are people who can continue working even after a tiring day but rest is very important and our brain needs a break too. In conclusion, if you want to have free time on a certain day and have your mind free of overthinking about your responsibilities, sacrifice some of your time to finish it so that you can come back home with a good feeling of having everything ready for the next day.

manage stress and tension

However, this matter is no exception. You need to have a will to achieve changes in your regime. If you are really fed up with the chaos in your life, stop putting off everything for the last minute and start doing something to find the way out of this chaos. Despite finding the right regime for you, there will be days where you won’t know what to do first. But trust me, if you manage to find the balance in your everyday responsibilities, you will be ready for such days and they won’t affect you as much as they did in the past.


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