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Magic shop might sound like a pretty thoughtless name for a website, but this choice really was not coincidental at all. Long story short, Magic shop is the exchange of fear for positive thinking. It is a  group psychodramatic technique, in which the therapist pretends to be a shopkeeper, and patients, or “customers”, come to him with their business offers. They bring him a negative emotion or a personality trait, like hate or fear, and they ask for something positive in change. If they manage to convince the shopkeeper that they have picked a feature from his shop that they want and need, they leave the shop with their mind eased and their heart calm.

We do not always find the support that we need, hear the right words that would ease our way at the moment in our vicinity. And as a result, between millions of pages trying to think of and implement the best lifestyle for virtually anybody, we appeared – an oasis, a quiet place in midst of the chaos of everyday life. We will not tell anybody how to live according to a perfect plan, it does not even exist. Our goal is to show that it is okay not to be okay sometimes, to be afraid, not to have your path highlighted perfectly, to encourage and to provide the strength to continue. You can find quotes, stories with hidden meanings, words of encouragement. And, most importantly, as one song goes…

“Let’s make a door, it’s in your heart. Open the door and this place will await. Magic shop.”

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