About pressure

All of us are familiar with this unpleasant feeling when someone wants us to do something against our will. Many times, we can’t decide whether it is okay to feel that way or if we are only exaggerating. We also can’t pass judgement on requirements that are set on us. Are they too much? Are we the problem here? A lot of time we end up being angry at ourselves. But is it right?

Being pressured by our friends

I’m sure that all of us have experienced this kind of pressure either during childhood or puberty. It is a very uncomfortable situation and we can end up in a state where we are clueless about the effect it has on us. Tell me, have you ever gone through an experience where your friends forced you to do something you didn’t find right or you felt afraid of doing it? And you knew you couldn’t not do it since that would lead to you being the target of mockery? Over and over the group of friends made you do those things only because they considered it funny and that is definitely not okay.

Everyone should have enough courage to stand up for themselves or just cut such people from their life. They are not worthy of your attention and love. However, if you can’t leave your group of friends, it’s okay. Kids and people in general are afraid of losing friends since they don’t want to be left alone and they are willing to do anything to avoid it. Even if that means to do something they would never think of doing. We can’t blame them but it’s true that parents should teach their children how to act in such situations and to be able to distinguish what is wrong and what is good for them. Don’t be afraid of leaving these types of friends behind. You may love them but they might only talk to you because they know they have power over you.

Being pressured by our parents

It is nothing new that even parents can make us feel pressured. Though usually it is with good intentions. They make sure we are successful with our studies, we go to a good university and later in life they make sure we find a good job. Although there are parents that want their kid to work at jobs they have always dreamed of and at the end there is the well known question “When will we have grandchildren?”

Despite this, you can’t be mad at them. They just want the best for us. However, that doesn’t mean that what they think is the best for us is really the right thing for us. I believe that it can be hard for some parents to accept the fact that their kid doesn’t ache for things they want for them and that they want to go into a different direction in life. It is much more important that we, their children, will be truthfully happy and spend our life the way we want to. If you feel guilty of not meeting the requirements of your parents, please, don’t feel that way. It is totally fine that there is something else your heart seeks. What is not fine is living life the way you don’t want to only because you were pressured by someone. 

Being pressured by teachers

The last type of pressure I want to talk to you about is the one from teachers. I’m more than sure we have all experienced it at least once in our lives. School is the place where we are constantly asked to fulfil goals that are not always that easy to reach. People who can’t be on top of a situation are unfortunately badly affected by this. It is very hard to meet requirements of every single teacher, especially when there is a lot to do. There are individuals who are somehow able withstand this pressure and can finish everything with ease. Yet most of the people can’t do things as efficiently and correctly as they wish they could.

It is very important to set priorities in your education. You have to decide which subjects are important for you more and pay them more attention. Don’t waste your energy on trying to satisfy every single teacher at your school if it means doing everything at 50%. Remember that you are learning for yourself. So stay calm, don’t stress even if the pressure can be sometimes high.  Stress is not good for your health so try to keep it under control. In the end you will realize that some things are not even worth stressing that much about..

Lastly I want to say something to those who are blaming themselves for not being as good at school as their classmates are. Just remember that each of us exceed in different things and no one is good at everything. So it’s completely fine if you are not doing great in certain subjects. Don’t let the pressure that is caused by school  make you feel guilty for not being excellent at everything. Accept it. 


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