Mental problems are not shameful

Despite the fact that we are already living in 2021, there is, sadly, still a huge number of individuals who laugh at people with mental health problems without any restraints, or even do it regularly, which we can consider as bullying.

It is completely natural that as soon as something hurts, we look for help from a doctor. With a sore tooth, we visit a dentist, with unbearable ear pain we run to the ear doctor as quickly as possible, and only few of us would leave a chronic and unrelenting pain of any part of the body unnoticed. Furthermore, do you know anyone who is ashamed of paying a visit to the doctor? Do you know anyone who would be ashamed to confess that he was at the dentist’s or his doctor’s yesterday to help him get rid of pain? Can you think of anyone who would be able to make fun of you for sitting in a dentist’s chair or in your GP’s clinic yesterday? I’m sure you can’t hardly think of such person.

psychické problémy citáty

Just as it is natural to deal with different types of physical pain with experts, it is also natural to seek help in specialists on mental health when it comes to our mental pain, which is, after all, many times much worse than the physical one. Nevertheless, few people deal with it as much as the physical one. It is perfectly normal for us to contact the dentist as soon as a toothache occurs, because we do not want it to become more painful, which would be later much more difficult to get rid of. It is clear to everyone that ignoring pain is not the answer. On the contrary, the longer we ignored it, the more it would escalate and the more difficult the process of its treatment would be. So why does our care not extend to our mental suffering? Why do we make sure that nothing hurts us physically, but we turn a blind eye to the fact that our mental health is not fine? The answer of the vast majority of people would be something like this: “But what would people think of me if I visited a therapist?”

It is no news that people avoid visiting a psychologist mainly because of the fear of reactions from their surroundings. Even at this time, there are individuals everywhere that would immediately label someone who visits a psychologist as a fool, make fun of them for it, or even start avoiding them. Therefore, it is not surprising when people decide not to solve their mental problems professionally, which of course in many cases leads to depression, that you can no longer cope with on your own. This is the reason why, in the case of mental problems, we should not take the opinion of our surroundings into account and contact a psychologist. After all, you wouldn’t leave a sore tooth unnoticed, let it deteriorate further and cause you more and more pain. So why would you let your mental problems go that far?

psychické problémy zo stresu

Therefore, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, find enough strength to push all the people around you to the background and, with the help of a professional, devote yourself fully to getting rid of mental health problems as quickly as possible. There is nothing better you can do for yourself at that time.

How do mental problems manifest themselves?

  • fatigue, 
  • insomnia,
  • reluctance to eat, dry mouth,
  • intrusive thoughts,
  • chest tightness, sweating,
  • fear of people and the public,
  • fear of losing control,
  • inability to relax, panic,
  • feeling of anxiety,
  • vomiting so that I don’t gain weight, fear of eating,
  • feeling of alienation,
  • feeling misunderstood, 
  • sad mood,
  • irritability, 
  • nervousness,

….and many others.

Have you experienced any of these symptoms?

Most of these symptoms are long-term, so if you have identified with most of these symptoms and you are sure that they are not just a one-time thing, I would recommend you seek to help. Whether you dare to get professional help or for help from someone around you is up to you. But if you feel that these symptoms are often and intensely present in you, do not turn your back at them and take note of them. Your mental health and well-being are important for your daily life. Therefore, think carefully about whether you will ignore the pleas of your mental health or fight for a better and happier life. We wish you good luck and hope that your mental health problems will decrease and you will be able to enjoy life a little more peacefully again.

5 things you should stop doing

  1. Trying to do everything for everyone
  2. Fear of change
  3. Living in the past 
  4. Decreasing your value
  5. Overthinking

None of these activities help your health. They even make your mental problems worse and worse. Strong will and practice will help you find control over your emotions and push you forward for the better.

psychické problémy u mladých

Advice from MagicShop on how to feel at least a little better

Since you’ve gotten through this day, this is something you deserve for your hard work. 🙂

  • turn off notifications on apps
  • play your favorite music 
  • clean up your room 
  • eat something delicious 
  • drink a glass of water (at least 8 per day) 
  • take an afternoon nap 
  • and especially, take a break from your duties


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