How to be yourself

Being yourself is undoubtedly one of the most important things in our lives. It is a guaranteed journey to mental well-being and especially to satisfying life. However, it is not that easy for everyone to be himself and it is also not always easy to keep that up.

In this article we will show you a few steps that will definitely help you if you are trying to learn and be yourself.

Accept everything that comes with your well-being

There is not a single person between us that would only have good qualities and it is very important to realize that. We cannot blame ourselves that there are also those traits we are not really fond of. The worst you can do is that you will start suppressing these unwanted traits of yours and act as if they don’t exist. Outwardly, you may be a better person for your surroundings but that is pointless and eventually you would end up being unhappy with yourself because you constantly suppress the attributions that are your inseparable part.

Accepting yourself is much more important than to being accepted by others.

It is essential to simply accept it, we are who we are without wanting to change something that just can be changed. Of course, there are qualities that restrain us in certain ways from achieving something we desire or they make it difficult and complicated. In this case, it is good to try to change these qualities, but not to suppress them.

Surround yourself with people who take you the way you are

Another important step towards you not being afraid to be yourself is surrounding yourself with people that know who you actually are and respect it. It is very important to have in your surroundings people in front of whom you don’t have to act like someone you are not and you won’t feel forced to hide who you really are because they like you the way you are.

With this also comes the opposite step, and that is to exclude from your close surroundings people, in front of who you are afraid of being yourself and also those who do not respect you and even try to change you. It’s not always easy because you might really like these people and can’t imagine life without them, but painful decisions are also part of our life. In the future you will understand that it was the best thing you could do for yourself and the sooner you do it, the earlier you will keep and live a much more content life.

Don’t care about the opinion of others

Finally, there is the most common advice we can give you. If you learn not to consider what are others thinking about you or simply anyone except you, you have won. At this point, nothing will prevent you from being hundred percent yourself. You will no longer be worried about not being understood by other people.

But how do we get to the stage where others’ opinions won’t affect you? First of all you have to acquire the fact that you live your life, not them. Not your buddy, classmate, cousin or random passer-by, who was giving you a nasty stare just because he didn’t like some piece of clothes that you wore. You would definitely regret, in the future, if you realize that you have lived according to other people’s visions. Visions of those who in the end weren’t that essential for you to have them in your life. Try to remember it whenever you think about whether it will not be better if you just pretend to be someone you are not only so other people won’t judge you.

Remember that you live only one life and it’s up to you how you will live it. Don’t lose precious time by living a life in which you are not hundred percent yourself. Sooner or later you will regret it, and it’s nothing pleasant when you come to that point.


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