Healthy lifestyle

What even is a healthy lifestyle? Perfect body? Healthy eating habits? Personally, I think people have a bit of a delusional imagination about what we should eventually focus on when talking about this “healthy lifestyle”. This kind of lifestyle does not only consist of eating a lot of vegetables and fruits or having a six pack. In my opinion, a big part of a healthy lifestyle is, also, our mind.

Our mind is something that will be with us for the rest of our lives. Since it will be with us for such a long period of time, why won’t work on it and make it a nice place? Where will we get if we keep beating ourselves up inside of our heads too? Let’s not destroy our mind by trying to be someone we are not, doing something we don’t enjoy and mostly, let’s not waste our precious health by trying to satisfy people around us when we are not feeling comfortable about it. 

When thinking about a healthy lifestyle we should realise that how we feel inside is visible for the people around us. I’m not saying they see right through us, right into our soul. There will never be anyone else who will understand us the way we understand ourselves. The point I’m trying to get to is that the way we feel in our own body, in our own mind is represented to people around us by our reactions. Many people don’t even realise how many things they unpurposefully show us about themselves. 

This may sound like a “cliché” but our mind really does play an important role in this issue and all of this depends on our mindset. Let’s compare positively and negatively thinking people. While one of these people tries to find as many problems as possible in places you wouldn’t even think of, the others try to find as many solutions possible and they try to get the best from a situation.

From my own experience, I can tell you that when turning on the switch of a positive mind, life is much easier and beautiful. Obviously, we can’t act positive and look like the happiest person on the Earth 24/7. It’s impossible, we all have days that are not as good as they could have been. We all have problems we have to face from time to time. However, that is not a reason to give up. Try to see those problems as an opportunity to learn, to become stronger and you will become more content with yourself.

That’s why I think that a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t only consist of our appearance or of what we present to our surroundings. Mind is a part of this lifestyle too, that’s why we should never neglect our mental health and make sure we are feeling good in our own body and mind. If you don’t feel that way, you should definitely work on it and make it one of your priorities.


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