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22 citátov po anglicky z knihy Love for Imperfect Things – Haemin Sunim

Citát č. 1

My dear friend: Because there is some part of you that is imperfect or broken it can motivate you to work hard to overcome it, and can ultimately bring you success in life. It can also help you relate to others and become more compassionate. Do not despair over what is imperfect in yourself. Instead, look at your flaws with love.

Citát č. 2

It’s okay to not be ranked first, second, or even third. Compare yourself not with others, but with the old you. Like yourself for making an honest effort. And continue to have faith in yourself.

Citát č. 3

We are worthy of being loved not because of what we do well but because we are precious living beings. Even if you don’t achieve the perfection the world demands, your existence already has value and is worthy of love.

Citát č. 4

Something as simple as holding someone’s hand can go a long way toward easing that person’s pain. The more we hurt, the more we need the love and support of our family.

Citát č. 5

The reason adolescents don’t listen to their parents and stubbornly try to have their own way is that they are learning to be independent. It is normal so don’t worry too much.

Citát č. 6

Parents, please teach your children that abusive language or violence towards the weak is wrong under any circumstances. It is also wrong to delight in someone else’s pain. If you wish for your children to grow up to be decent, do not countenance such behavior.

Citát č. 7

If you take home a cat and care for it, even one that’s been abandoned and is dirty, it won’t be long before it becomes the cutest cat in the world.

Citát č. 8

Because I have experienced pain, I am able to embrace the pain of others. Because I have made mistakes, I am able to forgive others their mistakes. May my suffering become the seed of compassion.

Citát č. 9

I wish you to be happy. But do not wait for someone to make you happy. Make the decision to be happy for yourself, and act on it. Do not surrender to someone else the power to make you happy.

Citát č. 10

The friend who backbites others in front of you will probably back bite your when you are not there.

Citát č. 11

Winter can be really cold, right? I saw an advertisement saying, „People are like heaters.“ Our presence can warm each other. May you be a heater for someone today.

Citát č. 12

We all wish to belong. It is through those who care deeply about us that we find love and purpose in our lives. After all, we are all imperfect beings who need one another.

Citát č. 13

Two people can have a great first impression of each other, only for the relationship to quickly go bad. Rather than having seen each other for who they are, they only saw a fantasy that they projected onto each other.

Citát č. 14

If you don’t feel like studying, start with the subject you like the best. If the meal looks unappealing, start with what looks tastiest. It’s all right to start reading a book from the section you most want to read. Starting is often the most difficult part. Once you have started, it’s much easier to continue.

Citát č. 15

Don’t assume another bus will be coming. Sometimes the route will have changed, and you will never get another chance to catch the bus you missed. If an opportunity is presented to you, don’t give in to your fear. Muster your courage and get on that bus.

Citát č. 16

Sushi tastes better with a cup of green tea. But if you eat it with Coca-Cola, it doesn’t taste as good. The right combination is a key to success.

Citát č. 17

Do not try to demonstrate how smart you are by nitpicking people’s faults that are too minor even to mention. It will be obvious what you are doing.

Citát č. 18

If someone is promoting a product but doesn’t fully believe in it, it will not sell. It is not the product that sells but the seller’s passion.

Citát č. 19

Have you ever tried your best to the point of tears? No one else may know, but you know that you really did your best. Even if you fail, you will have nothing to regret.

Citát č. 20

The first step of overcoming failure is to fully admit you have failed. Admitting it will put your mind at ease and help you to see what you ought to do next.

Citát č. 21

Having too much success too young is one of life’s greatest perils. Don’t try to climb higher than you can go before you’re ready. You will get there step-by-step.

Citát č. 22

Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Be afraid only of not learning from your mistakes. An expert is someone who has acquired skills and knowledge by making a lot of mistakes.

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