Is self love the key to happiness?

The term self love is becoming frequently searched on all social media and it is getting the attention of more and more people around the world. But, is self love really such an important key to happiness as it is always presented?

These days  we come across statements on social media claiming the main reason for pure happiness lies in the fact that people have to love themselves in the first place and when such a thing doesn’t happen, we will never be able to feel happy. Is it possible to apply this “manual” on all people?

In this case we have to take into consideration the fact that all people are different. Even when it comes to happiness. There are people who are seeking for it in ordinary things that are often for free. On the other hand, there are people whose source of happiness comes from materialistic things that money can buy. While the former is content with the fact that he/she is healthy and has a place to live, the latter dreams of all the unneeded things, without which he/she can eventually survive but that is normal. Basically, we all seek different things in life.

In the course of our life we meet plenty of people who actually love themselves, however, they somehow can’t find happiness and there are a handful of reasons why they can’t reach it. We also meet people whose self love is on a very low level, some are not even secretive about it, and they still manage to live a happy life to a certain level. How? Well, there must exist something they treasure and consider more important than loving themselves. Although, it might not be completely ideal. It is the same with people who love themselves but they aren’t actually happy since there is still something missing that would make them feel complete. It’s true that self love can attract many positive things into your life. Despite all of this, it is no magic thanks to which everyone finds real happiness. Therefore, it should definitely have an important place in our lives. But if self love isn’t the key to your happiness, it is completely fine. 


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